I was supa excited to get to the Glow event last Saturday. How could I not, it was at the pier, all night long, tripped out art and great music mixed by the likes of Garth Trinidad and Raul Campos.

You’ve probably read how horrible it was gett to SaMo. I got off on Cloverfield and headed south to my homie’s in Venice. We hopped on bikes and rode up.

It was nuts. Some people do well in this situation, others don’t.

I had a great time. The highlight was Raul’s set. He literally gave me chills when he dropped Aly Us’ “Follow Me.” It was so hippy, so we are the world. Everyone on the pier felt the spirit. I think.

After a while I stepped behind the DJ booth to see the action from back there. At one point the crowd started chanting Raul’s name: “RA UL, RA UL, RA UL.” He couldn’t have smiled any bigger.

Raul later dropped Carl Craig’s “Throw” and I knew it was going to get the crowd even more into a frenzy. His next mix killed it. He dropped one of the biggest records in the world, Bob Sinclair’s “World Hold On.” For the chorus he cut the volume and let the people sing it, then slammed back into the beats. Needless to say the energy was so high it scared SaMo PD and they shut Raul’s set down 1/2 an hour early. Seems a Chicano can’t do his job well and be appreciated for it. He might start getting cocky and start asking for his land back. Cops claimed there were too many people on the pier.

After that I hung out and ran into old friends and saw some old ones. Rode back to Venice and called it a night.

7 thoughts on “Glow

  1. i enjoyed glow too… glad you liked it, the DJ sets rocked, it was great up on the pier. i think most people complaining about glow are just upset that they weren’t spoonfed. what did they expect, LACMA or the Getty? seriously, where else you gonna see the water laser show, or the sea creatures under the pier, or get to party and dance on the pier til the early hours? it was a good time all around.

  2. I didn’t even know this was going on. I must not be on the popular people mailing list. I need to start reading some local media. I might have gone to this, the concept seemed like a good idea.

    I went to the carless day when the city shut down Wilshire/Western that wasn’t that much fun. I also went to Brazilian Carnaval at the Queen Mary that was torture. I still have nightmares about that.


  3. Chingao! People really hated on this event on other blogs.

    Ofcourse the art was sub par.
    Ofcourse it was crowded!!! It was FREE at the beach, what did you expect?
    Maybe they didn’t like how the city really looks? Was it me or was the usually white westside more colorful than usual night?

  4. It was a colorful night. It was amazing to see so many people out. Something I have never seen to such a scale.

    My issue with it was the organization of the event, or in simpler terms the way it flowed. It seems as though they needed more staff to direct people to the different places. I only saw 1 booth where they were passing out the brochures detailing the nights events. It would have helped to have large size prints of these to be placed at different points, and staff to answer questions and direct people to their choice of destination.

    Another thing was the cancelling of the music. At around 2am, I was walking around and just could not hear any music. We walked to were Jeremy Sole should have been playing and it was just non-existent… Did I miss it completely? That must mean that everyone I was with also too missed it…

    Since parking was an issue, I would also suggest the organizing committee to come up with funds to have shuttle buses/vans to shuttle people to distant parking lots.

    The concept of the event was great… the execution was not great. Hopefully if they do this next year, they take what they learned from this year and just make this event even better.

    Just my two cents…

  5. It wasn’t that bad.

    The art was not great – too little of it on the beach and too far to find it. Maybe they could have hat it over two or three nights? Still, for a first time event, something to do, no? I loved smelling all the mota all over the place. Made it seem much more relaxed since there wasn’t any alcohol. Too bad they shut down the music – the first thing we did when we got there was dance on the pier.

    Better times next year!

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