¿Cómo están?

Hello everyone!! I just wanted to introduce my self to all you LA East side readers and authors. My friends call me Lia or my swapmeet slash blog name is Doña Junta. I also post up with my elote carrito over on my blog st Swapmeet Chronicles

Before I get into blogging about the LA stilo and since I am new here, I wanted to share with you  all a few of my personal pictures from my  recent trip to Zacatecas, Mexico. It was my first time going back after 16 years, so I was super excited to actually appreciate the culture and not whine like I did the the last time I went as a kid. It was definitely soo much better as an adult and I hope to go back again soon!

I went to the little town of Tepechitlan, Zacatecas it is about 3 hours from the  city of Guadalajara. Both my mom and pops came from that same town but different ranches in the vicinity.


here are a few random pictures from my adventures..

We all know Mexicanos love to include those passed away in celebrations, we actually went to a festival right next to the cemetery. It was pretty interesting because people where hanging out inside the grounds there was even a ritual Aztec dancers zig zagging between tombstones.

My abuelo’s dairy cows looking pist…

Abuelito Ismael in his old adobe house, he has been living there since my mom was little. btw he is ready to serve you up a shotty of tequila anytime!

There is this nice lake with an island along side this dirt road on the way to my tia’s house, now my tia lives in the middle of nowhere she is about 45 min in from the main town of Tepechi.

Her house is in a small rancho called La Cañada , her pad is literally hidden behind tall corn stalks.

Drying corn, they make something out of this I am not sure what it’s called

My aunt still uses this old fashioned wood stove mostly to steam or boil big pots of corn. She does have a regular small stove as well but it was interesting  to see one of these.

She does her dishes in this, yes my aunt pretty much lives a simple life.

Well thats it for now, I didn’t want to bombard you all with to many pics lol, but I do look forward to  sharing  future posts here on the east side!

13 thoughts on “¿Cómo están?

  1. Welcome and cheers on the awesome post! I love the photo of the vacas! The pics of your tia’s house are equally cool, all the “green” folks reading your post must be envious!

  2. If you’ve got more pics like these then keep the bombardment coming! So where in the East Coast is Tepechitlan? I haven’t read about it in the NY Times. 😉 I like this post just for the fact that it shows not everyone looks towards the East for the place of their roots. Sometimes it’s South.

  3. Thanks you guys…
    Chavo… ahhahah I think Tepechi is more upstate NY lol but yeah it was not like going to the typical Cancun or what not, but it was just as good in my eyes, it was a whole different way of living and a very humbling experience.

  4. Truly Beautiful! Thanks for this wonderful post! I’m gonna bite that pic of the panteon
    for my collection. My mom is from Zacatecas, and last time I visited there I was astounded at the natural beauty of the countryside. The huge Silver mines just outside Zacatecas city had me marveling. I remember wondering; “With all these natural resources, in this one state alone, why isn’t Mexico like one of the richest countries on earth?

  5. your post rocks…very beautiful pictures and the way of living is so simple and so beautiful… I love your abuelito’s adobe house! we really take things for granted living here in LA…your post really made me stop and think and appreciate the things I have instead of complaining about the things I don’t have. Great work. Im looking forward to reading more!

  6. I like this article alot cus of da flicks yo lencha watts da name of da lake?

  7. Dona junta well it’s nice to know some one from the same town my parent’s also migrated from tepechitlan some 30 years ago i’ve been there on many ocasions and i love it we live in long beach cal were there are alot of people from tepechi, please share more pic’s i like them!

  8. Jorge
    I am sure you might be related lol I got some cousins, aunts and uncles in LB I will post more pictures either here or my flicker I will keep you posted =)

  9. WOW! Very very beautiful pueblo! My moms pueblo is 2 hours south of Guadalajara, which is El Alvareno Michoacan! And let me tell you, your pics brought back memories of the last time i visited! Great pics….

  10. These are great photos its hard to find info on Tepechitlan. I’ve just discovered that my biological father is from this town and am looking forward to going there to discover who i realy am. Would love to email you and ask some questions about Tepechitlan, and the people there.

  11. nice pics,they remind me of my ranchito where i grewup and my granpa francisco rodriguez lives and its called rancho mesa grande and its a municipio de tepechi.soon i’ll post some pics from my trip to compare.

  12. and the dry corn hanging at ur tias house is called huacheles and its used to make tortitas en cuaresma

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