Storefront Exorcisms

Spotted this in El Sereno today. Don’t believe they have one of these on La Brea.


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10 thoughts on “Storefront Exorcisms

  1. And what’s with the party-like colors in that banner? If I hadn’t read the words, I would have thought it advertised a birthday party clown.

  2. i’m going. i am almost certain i am possessed by something.

    i remember a priest actually told me that i was on his shit list.

    i confused wednesday mass with the comedy store. i was making weird faces during the benediction or something like that, anyways everyone was laughing. i was always trying to be entertaining during mass, because it was very boring.

    though this is the same priest who also got mad at all of us because we didn’t drink enough communion wine.

    he was all like, “this is christ’s blood, god damnit, you have to drink it. you have to drink it all, because if you don’t drink it then I HAVE TO FINISH IT!! AND I AM A RECOVERING ALCOHOLIC!!!”

    yeah dude had some issues, well i guess lots of priests have issues.

    catholic school and wednesday mass, good times…


  3. I plan on competing with these brick & mortar “Espiritual” shops
    by investing in my own fleet of traveling “Exorcismo” Trucks.
    Customers can walk up and be like: “Me da dos limpias, con incienso, y un amuleto”

  4. Al Desmadre:

    That is a great idea. But I wonder if you will be taxed like the taco trucks. Then again you can just put the mal ojo on the po po when they roll up.

  5. That’s a good idea! Putting el majo ojo on the jura when they show up to your kickback/backyard gig to break it up.

  6. No Julio! Those backyard gigs need busting! Who knows what you all are up to back there with all your MOTA and your DEVIL MUSIC! Ay Dios!

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