Save Golden Gate Theater—here’s what you can do right now!

Alright folks, eleventh-hour call to action here…

 If we’re serious about doing something to save Golden Gate Theater—the only remaining movie palace in East LA—we need to drop whatever “urgent” matter we’re dealing with now (like updating our Facebook statuses or, even more mundane, working), and figure out which of the following two actions we’re going to take between today and tomorrow.

A)    Plan on attending the hearing tomorrow (May 13, 9am) and expressing your reasons before the LA County Regional Planning Commission for opposing the destruction of this invaluable cultural jewel.

OR, if nothing else…

B)     Write and submit by 6pm TODAY your comments on this matter. You can send your remarks to

Hopefully, you’ll decide to attend the hearing. Below is the address. It’s the first item on the agenda, so be on time!

Health Services Auditorium
313 N Figueroa (corner street: Temple), Los Angeles 90012

Points to remember…

 *  The 1927 Churriguerresque-style theater is one of LA’s most significant movie palaces and the only one remaining in the future city of East LA…

 * Even if Latino and working class, doesn’t East LA deserve the enjoyment of historic and cultural preservation as much as some Westside neighborhood? The restoration of a beautiful old theater in the community could potentially house emerging cultural/arts organizations on the Eastside and serve as the anchor for an East LA arts district on Whittier Blvd. Why squander this opportunity??    

* If we don’t save the Golden Gate Theater now, the real estate development firm that holds title to it, the Charles Co., will gut the building in order to lease it to CVS Pharmacy—hardly a friend of the community (read all about CVS and their crimes at

8 thoughts on “Save Golden Gate Theater—here’s what you can do right now!

  1. Personally I would like to express my appreciation for those community people who got up early this morning and made it down to the hearing today. It was a good feeling not to be alone. The majority of those who showed spoke eloquently in voicing their opposition to the proposed CVS Pharmacy and drive thru. Their testimony caught the commission and the developers a little off guard to say the least. Also present was the LA Conservancy who stated their position and the need for a delay in this matter so that more research and community input can be gathered.
    The commission wisely opted to continue the matter and not make any decisions today. Ajua! The next hearing date is scheduled for August 19.
    But here’s the rub, gente. And it’s a serious one. We really, I mean really have to step up as a community and get our act together on this one. Seriously, we helped dodge one for our beloved Golden Gate today. But we still must find our way to unite on a collective consensus as to what do we do next. The meter is running as far as the developers are concerned. They have a tenant ready to post their “Grand Opening Sales, VODKA $7.99” on the “Golden Gate Marquee” (it’s been in storage all these years). East Los needs The Golden Gate as an anchor of history. I concur that as a cultural and artistic center, The Golden Gate could be the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship. It’s time to get serious, people. Si se puede. c/s

  2. Lucy Delgado’s three minutes on the mic were to die for! at least from where I was sitting, which was a few feet away. The fragile, old matron from Mothers of East LA, her white hair in a two-foot long ponytail, was awesome to watch and listen to and to hear her reveal that bombshell (that the marquis is stored away somewhere in the county–I forget where exactly she said).

    But anyway, we’ll need to show up in the hundreds on August 19 if we’re going to win this one. The commissioners are definitely very business-minded and mostly focused on questions of signage and things of that sort, not on the value of saving the place intact. (Even Commissioner Esther Valadez, Molina’s appointee, and the only person with a Spanish surname, talked about how good it would be have a 24-hour drive thru pharmacy there.)

  3. wow, i have to check this blog more frequently.

    Its good to hear that the matter has at least been postpone for a few months. So what the next to preserving the theater?

  4. Thanls for all the effort, it is well appreciated/ PLEASE PLEASE post these events BEFORE they occur so some of us have time to reorient our schedules accordingly. Por Favor!

  5. Art, we need people who care like you to help out so that we can get the word out about these things in timely fashion and mobilize folks for these hearings and other outreach efforts.

    This info was posted late not because the organizers didn’t think of it, but rather because there are no organizers. Nobody was doing anything and a couple of panicky people said, okay, we’ll need to do it ourselves. It’s understandable because hardly anybody knew this was going on and we’re all busy with our own lives and projects.

    But this handful of people won’t be able to do it all by themselves, we desperately need folks to come forward and help out. If you have a bit of time on your hands, please, please, please get in touch ASAP at

  6. Well done my friends. I must admit that I am as guilty as those who did nothing to try and save this beloved theater. I mentioned something of this sort several months ago but I never did follow through and for that I will suffer my penance. However, I will do my best to be there in August to show my support. I will also post a notification reminder on my drive-in society website. No reason why we can’t spread the love everywhere, right.

  7. Hijole, I have just recently become aware of the LA East Side blog. I was born in East L.A. (Belvedere, aka Maravilla)many moons ago. Just sending a few thoughts your way gente (people). What is the possiblity of having some of our gente that are members of the State Bar of California, La Raza Lawyers Association, Mexican American Bar Association, MALDEF file a court injunction against the actions by the L.A. County Board of Supervisors based on our historical, educational, cultural history. We can all contribute one way or another to make a dream come true! Just think about it gente, this could be the very best location for our “East Los Angeles Historical Museum” and “Center for Performing Arts”. Think of all the musical, artistic talent,professional fighters, teachers, engineers, doctors, lawyers, military veterans, law enforcement,union members, business, public and private sector who have roots in our community who can help contribute to the museum with photos, oral histories,ELA memorabilia about our community,dance halls, churchs, schools, transportation (for you older gente the R & P trolley cars, Ford & Kern buses). When East L.A. had it’s own See’s Candy store on Whittier Blvd by Kern Ave. If it’s not too late, it’s time to move our sleeping giant! Lets make it happen…”Time to lead, follow or get out of the way”…

    Anthony Castaneda
    Fremont, Ca

  8. I just looked up the old Golden Gate theater that I used to go to in the 50’s. I have some great memories of that old flagship, I saw some of the best movies there, presented with the traditional Hollywood splendor.
    The Golden Gate theater was the flag ship of the theaters in ELA, nice seating, balcony, big screen and the latest stereo sound. I still remember the clock on the right side of the stage, and the intermission music.
    Now after reading everyone quibling and bosting of their positions,status amd using all the cholo buzz words,I feel the old Golden Gate hasn’t a chance of being brought back to life.
    I wonder if anyone is realy serious about getting the theater back to its deserved status. Sort of like the Fox theater in Fullerton. The local community asked for volunteers and got them! Including legal, Architechural, contractor and skilled craftsmanship help.
    But I don’t this will happen with this group of people.
    Im going to watch this site to see what happens.

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