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2 Random Minutes at the Glendale Americana

Why do I get these terrible assignments? Who did I upset in management to get stuck covering this bullshit beat? Damn these office politics.

Oh wait, I’m off today. Crud, the work time and “free time” is starting to merge in the worst sort of way. Gonna have to get that looked at, it can’t be good for my health. Well then, let me explain that I didn’t end up here by choice as in “let’s go take a dip into the cesspool called Americana, just for fun!” it was more like “let’s try to redeem these gift cards for a corporate eatery some nice people gave us before the Corporate Overlords start deducting some surcharge cuz they want to re-gift to themselves something they sold” and before I forget I have a free meal ticket to this place that I wouldn’t put on my to-do list. To make a short story longer, the wait at the BJ’s (haha!) was 45 minutes on a Friday night- AS IF! Don’t people have things to do or places to go on the weekends? I guess they were all cashing in their gift cards at the same time, surely this wasn’t THE destination for the night? Please Lord, tell me it ain’t so.

Thus my 2nd excursion (1st was a family related b-day requirement) into Americana territory. It’s just as bad as The Grove, full of shitty corporate shopping, crappy corporate food, and hints of the plaza concept as interpreted by the needs of companies that want to sell you things.  Public space perfected by Corporations. It’s like a park, only not.

So yes, above you’ll see 2 random minutes of some of the worst aspects of our modern culture. I wonder if I can ask for a hardship stipend for this stressful assignment? And maybe even something extra for that Sinatra on the hour bit with the water show. Now that was excruciating.

State of the Torta 3

Woo. Hoo. It’s 2011. BFD. Probably gonna be full of the same old BS all the way until Dec. 31. Most likely. What to eat until then? Well, a torta is always a good staple sandwich to have, a basic unit of life giving sustenance and sometimes the source of a bit of gustatory pleasure. Let’s see some options I’ve had recently around the general vicinity of Los Angeles in case you might want to consider squeezing them into your busy, likely to be lousy, year ahead. At least you’ll have lunch to look forward to! Err, maybe.

First up, a much mentioned new Cemitas place (at least online) over in Koreatown: another outlet of Cemitas Pal Cabron.

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La Crisis: Tamalada On A Budget

Why throw away money when you don’t have to? This here is my little contribution to helping you save maybe a dollar or two while you gather your ingredients for your tamalada, gleaned from my gathering of ingredients earlier today.

First up, Maiz blanco, base for your own nixtamal. For some stupid reason, my local Big Saver stopped carrying this item in the bulk bin, now they just have a few small bags at $1.99 a lb. Outrageous! I head over to El Mercadito where you can usually find everything at a good rate, but it turned out they were selling their maiz at $3 a lb! Now that is straight out gouging, knowing that people are going to be stopping by for their ingredients. Boo, Hiss! Chale, I ain’t having none of it. I drove down the block to El Super on Brooklyn and Lorena were the same maiz was being sold for $1.29 a lb. Now that’s a bit more reasonable.

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Silver Lake: The National Joke

Like the rest of you, I was flipping channels this morning wondering where the hell the football game was: it wasn’t on Telemundo, nor TV Azteca, y menos on Univision. Turns out it just started (4pm) on ch. 52 a late start to the Mexican futbol championship game. I did tune in a lil’ bit to the Republica Deportiva show, which is sometimes informative but mostly stupid banter between the hosts that seem to not like each other. Today Felix made a joke about Rosana having a mustache, she didn’t find it funny.

But whatever, we are not here to comment on stupid things like tv shows. We are here to notice the t-shirt being worn in the background. It’s not an Ed Hardy nor a Hollister but the next in line for that fine trajectory of quality clothing: Silver Lake.

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French Tacos

Somewhere in El Sereno a Mexican food truck that tends to the taco business goes by the name of “La Cuisine Francaise”. Hey, they have no twitter feed so that works for me. But the dog seems a lil’ bit scared, por que sera? Bon Appetit!

New Carpool Lane on the Pomona Fwy

Just a few days ago a new carpool lane opened up on the Pomona Freeway and I just couldn’t wait to break it in. I loaned my recycling route to a friend just to bring you the above clip of an exciting carpool lane in action! And yes, I was Pooling It! Without my approval they’ve decided to refer to these carpool lanes as HOV’s instead, meaning High Occupancy Vehicle. Going from one to two is a BIG deal you know, thus you get some privileges.

So now you know what yer doing this weekend.

Yer Welcome.