World Cup: Where to Watch?

In about 5 days,  La Copa Mundial is set to begin.  It’s like the World Series only with a non-boring sport, plus it gives the actual world a chance to participate. Of course I’m excited! The question is: where to watch some of the matches? Sure, the bulk of them will likely be at home – maybe with friends, possibly chilaquiles, certainly with beer – but some of the match-ups will lend themselves to public gatherings so I’ll probably want to join others in the watching. It can be a fun experience.

I know of a few places at the moment that will be showing matches, click ahead to see those. But this is a callout to request suggestions of spots to consider, please submit yours in the comment section.

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Lummis Day 2010

From the Lummis Day website:

“The fifth annual Lummis Day Festival will move its main stages to a new location, Heritage Square Museum (3801 Homer Street) this year, where the best of home-grown Northeast L.A. music, dance, food and community resources will be presented amid the historic buildings that are preserved on the Heritage Square site.

Before shifting to Heritage Square, the two-part Festival will stage its opening event at Lummis Home (200 East Avenue 43), beginning at 10:30 am with readings by some of L.A.’s most critically acclaimed poets along with music, art exhibits and refreshments.

Nearly 100 performers and artists from 17 bands and dance troupes, plus dozens of artists, craftspeople, and community groups are participating at this year’s event. In the tradition of the Lummis Day Festival, performers on the three stages at Heritage Square Museum will represent an eclectic mix of cultural traditions and artistic styles.

Admission to all events is FREE !!!”

The Eastside of Town

Melinda Marx-The Eastside of Town

Hold up, I am here to right a wrong, inform you of a great historical overlook – this is a song about the Eastside and yet, has never been heard on any Chicano Oldies compilation. How did this happen? Please don’t tell me it’s cause the song is no good, that the chick can’t sing (or dance) or that the lyrics are insipid. This is a song about the Eastside! Thankfully, a random Youtube click lead me to uncover this early example of Eastside oldies. True, it has no soul but it’s catchy in it’s own way. Someone please inform Art Laboe…

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Love on the Goldline

This past Saturday May 29, LaEastside’s Pachuco 3000, many Eastside artists, art administrators, and familia from LA, Juarez & Texas attended the wedding of our dear friends & curators Pilar Tompkins and Adrian Rivas.  I don’t think Harry Gamboa, Jr. will mind that I’m sharing his photo showing the procession accompanied by mariachis and guests leaving the ceremony at Nuestra Señora Reina de los Angeles [Placita Olvera] to the Mariachi Plaza on the Metro Goldline.  Strolling from the church through Olvera Street, the joyous couple’s first dance was to “Volver, Volver, Volver” played by one of the Placita’s scheduled bands.  Tourists and locals joined in the glee of the whistle blowing guests en route to the Union Station.  The perfect day included a unique 1930’s reception at the beautiful Plaza Salon, formerly a speakeasy that is within walking distance from Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights.  Pilar & Adrian’s love of Los Angeles history, art and architecture [which was featured on Saturday] was a blessing to all that attended.  Que vivan los novios!

Look Cool Pooping Your Pants

What do you get the modern hipster baby that still poops his pants? Why, fancy designer diapers to distract you from the wafting aromas! By the time you’ve snapped out of the temporary yet recurring horror that humanity is being flushed into oblivion by the same gaggle of fools that control most of the production of our necessities, the squishy bottomed baby has been removed from your work counter, with maybe a few unseen specimens left behind. But the baby looked cool.

Yup, the tagline really is “the coolest you’ll look pooping your pants” and the jean label reads “little bowel movers” or something like that. Oh haha, let’s all laugh at the cuteness that is yet another reason why our society doesn’t work. Giggle, Giggle!

If you’re a parent, you better not buy these. Don’t make me have to mock your baby.

A few yards from this fine example of Modern American Living…

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These old lamposts being devoured by creeping nasturtium vines were spotted outside the back gate of Heritage Square Museum in Lincoln Heights/Montecito Heights (the neighborhood designation is variable). The nasturtium has been growing wild there for at least twenty years and it’s amazing to me how large and prolific the vines grow.
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