Hollenbeck Police Station party


Did you ever want to see inside the NEW Hollenbeck Police Station as a vistor and not a guest !?! Well this Saturday there is going to be a public dedication ceremony. Tony V., Huizar, Reyes and Bratton are gonna be on hand kicking off this little shindig.

It’s from 6-9 p.m. and it’s free to the public. They are going to be giving station tours, food and have police exhibits on hand. So if you have nothing to do this Saturday check it out. You know you’re going to end up there anyway.

Visitors Guide to Arivaca


Engaging the audience in multiple facets of the immigration debate, playwright and attorney Evangeline Ordaz has crafted an amazingly powerful story in “Visitors Guide to Arivaca.” This powerful, emotional and thought provoking play highlights the numerous viewpoints that are intertwined with one another when people cross the border, protect it and when it lands at their front door as Ordaz ingeniously shows how one simple act, can cause a butterfly affect.

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Fiestas Patrias: Lompoc Style


It’s 16 de Septiembre, Mexican Independence day, and there’s still no mention of it on LA Eastside? Isn’t that the Mexican blog anyways? Some people seem to think so. But until they start calling all the other blogs the White people blogs, I refuse to think of it that way. Were just more diverse than the rest. So no, we don’t need to mention this holiday. We don’t need no stinkin’ Fiestas Patrias!

That being said: why has nobody mentioned it? What, all you Eastsiders took a long siesta this weekend? A trabajar cabrones!

Not to worry, I got your requisite stereotypes covered: Let’s go to the Fiestas Patrias! In Lompoc! Uhh, where?

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American Social Problems

I attended an intro to sociology course called “American Social Problems” during the second week of school at ELAC and left questioning my academic, sociocultural, and career intentions with a shed of liberal light from an episode of Michael Moore’s “Awful Truth.” Why do I really want to go to school? Am I making a bad investment with hopes of an unreasonably better return that I probably don’t deserve? If I succumb to the system, will I turn into a capitalist-driven bloodsucker whose bottom line is money?

I think America is inflicted with an at-large social cancer that is slowly (or quickly, depending on how one interprets time and space) detiriorating the human spirit and his/her pursuit of true happiness. This cancer is so detectable, it’s undetectable. I cringe when I see my neighbor’s toddler children eating corporate-made candies with their silver capped teeth. My heart aches when I see jobless, injured, disabled people loitering around Downtown LA, in front of LA County Hospital, at Hollebeck Park.

Will I change in a semester? Where is the hope in a deteriorating society?

More American social problems:
– Prescription drug addiction
– Overprescribing people
– Overdiagnosing people
– Inhumane conditions in American city/county jails and state prisons
– Close-minded Americanism
– American greed
– American obesity
– Corporate takeover on food
– Lazy, apathetic government employees
– American apathy
– Under-representation of day laborers who live month-to-month
– Corporate education


Botanitas: September 11, 2009

One of my favorite houses on the Eastside, it’s on Fourth Street overlooking the bridge. I hope it never has to face the stucco monster!

Botanitas is an ongoing feature bringing you stories and news from various sources, upcoming events and other bits of ephemera that might be of interest to LA Eastside readers. Suggestions welcome!

Click through for Greeks and geeks, Love and Rockets, Son Jarocho and protest remembrances.
*New events just added!*

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