Walter Moore Hates Spanish Speaking Mexicans

For good reason, many people are down on Villaraigosa and his bid to be Los Angeles Mayor again. Yes, he is a disappointment, which is to be expected when you put too much hope for change in a politician. (Obama fans, get ready.) Real change rarely comes from the ballot box. Still, I don’t understand the “anyone but Villaraigosa” approach, much less when Walter Moore is presented as somehow an acceptable option, when he is clearly a man on a mission against Mexicans.

Oh wait, I mean, he just hates the language they speak, cuz it’s so Third World-ey. And really, if they can be taught to say “can I take you plate?” they can surely be forced to communicate amongst themselves in a semi-useful but stunted Queen’s Kinda English. At the very least, it’ll reassure real Americans that the help isn’t saying things you already know they are thinking. Yes, they really do think that about you. Yes, even despite that nice tip. Welcome to the other LA!

The LA Times writes Moore up and portrays him as merely against immigration, never mentioning his odd hatred of the Spanish language. (Shouldn’t that be some sort of actual news, something people might want to know?) All I can gather about this “problem” is that Spanish represents an exorbitant cost to taxpayers, since having that complex language being translated into the expensive but proper tongue known as American is almost impossible. Es impossible, y cuesta un chingo! Too bad Mexicans don’t speak Hebrew because then this hatred-of-a-language as a mayoral platform might be considered worthy of commentary, or even a suggestion that it might be just a tad sinister.

And you all thought I was making this anti-spanish stuff up. At least Ramon Ayala’s “chaparra de mi amor” has a cameo!

BTW, I wonder what happened to all those those “maybe-you-just-didn’t-understand-what-was-happening” people, those that are so quick to question us here at LA Eastside about how we see the world, but don’t seem to make their way over to blogs that might deserve just a bit of attention for their lack of vision?

I bet they’re on it.

56 thoughts on “Walter Moore Hates Spanish Speaking Mexicans

  1. That baboso fails to realize that two of the radio stations he highlights (690 AM & 950 AM) broadcast from Tijuana! They’re invading our AIRWAVES!!!! I was also cracking up at the random image of a frutero in the middle of all the signs in Spanish.

    This is nothing more than racism against a language. Why no mention of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic, and the other languages heard throughout L.A.? Showing the frutero was also an attack against Spanish-speaking street vendors and anyone who does commerce in Spanish.

    Someone throw a shoe at him!

  2. That’s alot scary and it’s alot scarier that he’s being taken as an ok option by Obama supporting Democrats. I’m confused. Am I in LA 2009 or Montgomery 1950?

    That’s not extreme?!! He’s normal? That’s normal to people?

    How is this different than David Duke’s foul opinions?

    Foul, foul that he’s given this kidglove coverage by people, maybe they don’t know, but maybe they do, that would be scary if they do.

    That seems like a nice guy to people?


  3. Quoth Walter Moore:

    “… You don’t even feel like you’re in the U.S. anymore.”


    “Aaaaagggghh! Whitey is no longer on top!”

    This guy is a clown when it comes to fighting for a return of the brief blink (and you’ll miss it) period of Anglo-dominance in L.A.

    Boo hoo, signs in Spansish, oh woe is me. I’ve got the world’s smallest violin playing for you Walter. Try hanging out a day in a street in any major Indian city – multiple, unrelated, languages spoken and read on a daily basis, and GASP!, the world isn’t falling apart.

    What would he do to ameliorate this “problem”? Fire up the death squads and corrupt cops of the days of yore?

  4. The guy knows he’s going to lose, he’s just trying to gain support amongst Cali Republicans in hopes of getting a higher seat someday.

    And, El Chavo, why the swipe at Obama? LOL. Look, I didn’t vote for Obama because I thought he could walk on water. I would have voted for any Democrat. Proudly would have cast a vote for Hillary. But give Barack a break. Closing Gitmo, A stimulus package and budget with the working class in mind (something we haven’t seen in over a decade) and his AG announcing that federal raids of marijuana clinics will stop, is certainly change.

  5. LOL. I was more or less joking. When he says Obama fans should get ready to be disappointed at the lack of change, that’s what I was responding to.

  6. Go Chavo! Bravissimo!

    I’ve been bashing this moron for quite some time now on the right wing and conservative leaning anti Latino blogs like Mayor Sam’s, and his like thinking other blog minions, and even though I have called Moore everything from a racist twit to a paranoid, delusional, nativist, xenophobe, he would never show his puny face or respond to me.
    I think the weirdo posts up anti Mexican, anti don quixote mierda as anonymous though, at numerous other blogs (maybe even here).
    I’ve razzed his ass for over a year about his utube rant “when I’m driving my car in LA the radio speaks to me in Spanish!” Valga Dios!

    He has tried like a son of bitch to foment trouble and hate between the Latino and African American communities with his anti constitutional and racial profiling “Jamiels Law”, and even had that screwball Ted Hayes backing his ass. But the African American community was too smart to fall for the old divide and conquer shit from the likes of white knight Moore though and ran his ass off.
    When the great Maxine Waters was approached about Jamiel’s Law she put an exorcism on the racist Walter Moore with her statement “any African American who would support Moore and his racial and ethnic profiling should be ashamed of themselves”, Viva!
    These racist motherfuckers like Moore and the other two faced phony crypto Fascist’s stand out like Hitler at a Bar Mitzvah.
    They should and are being outed at every opportunity, and hard as they try, their ugly racism and xenophobia will surface at the most inopportune times for them.

  7. Will Walter Moore change the name of the city to something in English?

    Maybe something like The Angel City, or The Anglo City. How about Angle-land? That sounds good.

    Maybe he can go really far back in time and call it Aztlan. That’s not Spanish. But, I suppose if it isn’t in the queen’s English, it doesn’t count.

    Once he’s done renaming the city, he can move up to the state legislature and change the name of the State. After that, it’s up to Congress, to rename 2/3rds of the states in the country.

  8. And don’t forget the Mexican coat of arms in the seal of Los Angeles and since he’s at it he can also remove the Spanish arms of Castile and Leon and the 77 rosary beads that surround it…

  9. I am a Latino who will be voting for Moore. The city has never looked worse under Antonio’s term as mayor. Antonio reminds me of the sleazy Mexican-American attorney friends of my dad and they have no business running this city

  10. Hey, it’s all good, Chavo. I was just giving you crap. All politicians deserve the heat, all the time.

    Let’s say this moore really gets elected, which won’t happen, but let’s say he does, he would never get city council to vote on a no spanish ordinance. and let’s say for some crazy hypothetical reason he gets city council to vote on it, think the LAPD would enforce that, with their issues? With all of the crazy shit going on in LA, the LAPD now having respond to calls from the last white mohicans in the valley complaining of espanol? They’d frag Moore. Plus, they’ve spent the last 10 years teaching many of their gabacho cops espanol, to not only take better reports but to get information from spanish speaking finks, too. Moore’s just blowing piss in the wind to get on the GOP donors’ leader board for a bigger seat someday.

  11. Don Quixote, who wants to bet either Moore or someone on his staff is this “Very Simple” guy, aka, Mr. “I’m Latino!”.

  12. Um, yes, I am a Latino and no, I’m not on Moore’s staff. Just because I’m of Mexican-American heritage does not mean I want my city to look and sound like TJ

  13. Hey Rob Sac, we both know who the troll aka Barf in the hat is, he comes in many forms and disguises but is always reliable in showing his ugly serpent head spitting vitriol and xenophobia, (ha that’ll get his St Vitus Dance syndrome active).

    Another point I would like to make is that it isn’t so much the Spanish language that Moore and his racist cohorts object to, that is a smokescreen they use.
    It’s the brown faces that speak Spanish and English and now share and in some cases control the power.
    All one has to do to see this is pay attention to what the Fascists are screeching and wailing about.
    No matter how much education or gussying up that they present to the world they will always fall back on a deep seated racism and ethnocentrism that can’t be subdued for very long.
    I mean watermelons on the white house lawn or a monkey shot full of holes with two white cops standing over the corpse, guns in hand?
    Walter Moore and his cohorts at Mayor Sam’s Blog calling Mayor Tony V the cholo mayor, greaser in city hall, or Barf referring to Mexicano’s and Chicanos as “Frog People and amphibians” crossing the Rio Grande.

    No the Spanish language is not what they are all petrified about.

    No te preocupies ustes pinchi miedoso’s, ahorita viene la justicia.
    Now this will get the rascista’s in a double foam.

  14. Very Simple, I’m laughing at the fact that you have to first say you’re “Latino”, before even making your point. That, and the term “Latino” primarily being used by the mainstream, as opposed to east siders who usually refer to themselves as either Chicano or Mexican. But hey, I’m giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. I’ve given up my cynicism for Lent.

  15. DQ, the thing is, I don’t think he can even win, and I’m sure he knows it. This is all PR for bigger career goals. Sucking up to GOP donors.

    Oh, and some of those names you brought up, from other blogs. Ugggh. If it is them, at least they’re tamer versions of themselves when out of their element. “I’m Latino and I’m voting for Moore”. LOL.

  16. I don’t really care who uses the term “Latino” or what you feel it means. I’m not “Mexican” either because I was born in the US and I enjoy speaking English. Maybe you should try opening up your mind for Lent. Not all “Mexicans,” “Latinos,” or whatever term makes you happy enjoy having Antonio as our mayor.

    BTW before you start throwing around what constitutes east side cred, I was born in East LA at Santa Marta Hospital

  17. Very Simple (minded?),

    I was just making an observation and having a laugh, that’s all. It’s just funny you had to first say, “I’m Latino”. Maybe you don’t get it. It’s cool. And, I do find it funny that the person who’s comparing Los Angeles to Tijuana is telling me to have an open mind. But hey, we all have the right to give our opinions here. You gave yours, I gave mine. Peace.

  18. Heard on campus “I’m voting for Villaraigosa, this pimp city needs a pimp mayor.”
    I guess that is why we also have the governator.

    The Walter Moore’s are on their last days. Their kids are all moving to Portland.

    I like TJ can we get a Carnitas Urapan over here? Those are the bomb!!!

  19. That second video there is like some art school douche’s first bad attempt at video art. Oooh it’s a person changing radio stations…deeep.

    That first video…wtf. So the fuck what if there is a taco shop in an old McDs and billboards en espanol? Isn’t this dude a capitalist? That’s the market, homes. The market supports taco shops and advertisting en espanol, you got a problem with that then think a little more carefully about capitalism but this doesn’t have jack shit to do with illegal immigration or being a “sanctuary” city.

    I’ve met WM and I strongly agree with his stance on the two issues that I spend alot of time working for (which are obviously NOT immigration and the use of the Spanish language in our fair city) but he is incredibly wrong for the obvious reasons and it’s pretty crappy that, as usual, there are no truly worthwhile candidates to vote for.

  20. Hermanos pobres y pinches grenudos. Estas palabras son tuyas.
    All those idiots bitching about Spanish being spoken in the US need to realize that THE US HAS NO FUCK’n official language.
    Speaking Spanish or any other language is protected by the 1st Amendment “freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Just something to think about when everyone votes… BY LAW you can get your ballot in what ever language you speak, besides Spanish or English.
    Voting Rights Act of 1965
    15th Amendment, the Act prohibited states from imposing any “voting qualification or prerequisite to voting, or standard, practice, or procedure … to deny or abridge the right of any citizen of the United States to vote on account of race or color.”

    Hey you Very simple listen up this ones for you…. Los que no entienden aprenden… Con un chingo de mota. Si no vete a la pinche verga! You wanna be all “American” but with out the brown you coconut. Your just like Bobby Jihndal negating your past.

  21. Oh please, don’t give me your pseudo vato-talk Bobby Jindal nonsense. I was born in the US and proud of my English speaking skills. I have a college degree and have been gainfully employed since high school. If you are lucky, I might let you or your friends cut my lawn. Next time in Mexico or Japan, I’m going to start demanding and marching that everything be in English.

  22. VerySimple, is that a play on how your mind works?

    Are you that much of a simpleton to blame mayor V for LA looking “like TJ” in your opinion. Do you really think the mayor has the power to dictate how streets and signs look at the stroke of a pen, or that the change of leadership somehow dictates how a city looks? Or are you just simple enough to think that because Mayor V is brown somehow he is automatically the culprit for the aesthetic degredation of LA? Did you forget that Mayor V is the FIRST latino mayor, and that the aesthetic quality of the city worsened much more during the terms of white mayors Riordan and Hahn (anyone remember how trashy and graffiti filled LA was in the early 90s?), as well as Bradley in the early 80s?

    How about the fact that our resources to clean streets and enforce proper signage/etc. have been significantly reduced (in proportion to population) because of WHITE WEALTHY politicians such as antonovich or chris cox (now the culrpit for lax SEC oversight of the econ crisis)? How about the real culprit for disinvestment in our cities, which is selfish white people who either left LA or ran to the foothills, and now actively fight any urban investment, bush administration/valley successionists anyone?

    Amazign, because when I or anyone else asks the bulk of Angelenos how the city is fairing look-wise, most would say it has gotten a HELL of a lot better than it used to be. CD14 was cleaned up a lot better during councilman Villaraigosa’s term, and LA as a whole has cleaned up a lot better during Mayor V’s terms as well. anyone who thinks otherwise is either lying or practicing coginitive dissonance. Simpleton, did you forget that the LA Riots commission pointed out the tremendous need to clean up trash and beautify the city as a major tenet of civil unrest, back in 1992!

    Im a poor mexican from east LA, and I do a HELL of a lot more to make LA nice than any rabid Walturd follower:

  23. There are thousands of Latinos who were born and raised in this city who’s parents and grandparents speak ENGLISH. We assimilated but unlike the illegals who disrespect our country and think they are entitled to everything FREE. Yes, LA has become a 3rd world country. Just drive into downtown LA and see all the filth and illegal vendors with their trash, bacteria food, kids running around and you think you’re in Ensenada. The gang banger Mayor has no leadership and our city and Latino communities look worst with him and his homies in office. Antonio is an embarrassement to Latinos and will get slaughtered when he runs for Governor.

  24. Exactly. Thank you, Janet.

    I would also like to know what is up with the huge Durango, Michoacán, Sinaloa signs, flags, etc.? That is completely tacky and disrespectful. I would never move to Mexico, Japan, or China and drive around with gigantic CALIFORNIA USA flags emblazoned on my beat-up pickup truck. If I was that proud and missed it that much, I would just go back.

  25. Art: “VerySimple, is that a play on how your mind works?

    No, it is because most things in life are very simple

    Art: ” . . . because of WHITE WEALTHY politicians . . . ”

    For example, like blaming self-caused problems on “white wealthy politicians.” I am sure these “white wealthy politicians” are not the ones running around messing up your neighborhood tagging the walls of private and public property.

  26. Janet, I’m sure you’ve determined that the vendors in downtown are illegal by checking all of their identifications, right? If not, tell me next week’s lotto numbers, while you’re at it. Use your psychic skills for something useful.

  27. Janet, also, why do you refer to Mayor Villaraigosa as a gang member? What about him likens him to a gang member?

  28. About Simpleton’s declaration about “…marching that everything be in English.” good luck… I’ll remind him again that the USA has no official language, so you’ll have to amend the Constitution, make English U.S.’s official language and over turn several laws. So as it is, legally speaking you don’t even have a leg to stand on much less march up against anything. So just face it its not going to happen besides there are 224 different languages spoken in Los Angeles as it is we are viewed as one of the most linguistically diverse areas in the world.

    And about the flag issue what about the Italians, Greeks, Japanese, Koreans ect… they all have their home countries flag in front of their restaurant, stores… ect and their signs are not in English too. At least they show more respect to their home country’s flag than Americans do to the US’s flag.

  29. Immigrants have been good to us. Down by Macarthur park, there are a lot of illegal vendors, but, today, a good fraction of them are illegally selling food, fruit, cheap leather stuff, nuts, and basically safe things. Back in the 80s and 90s, it was mostly drugs, fake ID cards, drugs, and their bodies. And drugs. There’s still that going on, but, less of it. That’s a great improvement!

    Yes, I’d like to see less crime, but crime has declined, even in this terrible economy.

  30. Now it’s rednecks in Kansas (by way of Santa Cruz) selling drugs, and their bodies, and more drugs (meth).

  31. LOL at Janet’s comment:

    “Yes, LA has become a 3rd world country. Just drive into downtown LA and see all the filth and illegal vendors with their trash, bacteria food, kids running around and you think you’re in Ensenada.”

    Ahahahaha! You are such a dope! Guess where the highest sales tax revenue in the City of L.A. is generated? Broadway in Downtown L.A. Which is also home to some of the highest per square foot rents in L.A.

    Did you just get here from Podunk, Nowheresville, U.S.A.? Wake up and smell the statistics. The filth is due to systemic neglect and a generation of government policies to concentrate the homeless in downtown.

    Yeah, I see the similarities with Ensenada – massive historic office buildings, the biggest concentration of government office on the west coast, the jewelry merchants on Hill St. Sure, just like Ensenada, you rube.

    The truth is that the immigrant populations that prop up the downtown economy help our region with their super-low (illegally so in most cases) wages – so gabachos such as yourself can pick one up to do your yard work at Home Depot while complaining to your neighbors about the “invasion” of “your country” (which you never bothered to learn anything about in the first place).

    The truth is that the “White” or “Anglo” ethnic group saw to it that civil services were never applied evenly in the Los Angeles of old. Things are correcting themselves and now ninnies such as yourself proclaim that people not white enough don’t deserve equal protection under the law.

    I voted for Zuma Dogg, but I wish I could go back an vote for Villaraigosa just to piss you off.

  32. ubrayj02: ” . . . The filth is due to systemic neglect and a generation of government policies to concentrate the homeless in downtown . . . The truth is that the “White” or “Anglo” ethnic group saw to it that civil services were never applied evenly in the Los Angeles of old”

    Here we go again, blaming it on “government policies” and “Whites” or “Anglos.”

    Sorry, but it is not government policies or “Whites” or “Anglos” throwing trash in the in their own streets, not cleaning up after themselves, leaving up Christmas lights year-round, or tagging public and private property with graffiti. It is the sheer laziness of people who live in these areas that have no respect or pride for their own community. Don’t try to blame self-laziness on outside forces.

  33. Leaving up X Mas lights all year?
    Woooooo! scandalous,
    The lazy Mexicans must be to blame,

    By the way Simplemente, I just read that your hero, the defeated Walter Moore, is leaving the USA and moving to France where his European Heritage is more valued.
    Oh My God! Now he will be subjected to having his car radio speak to him in French. Yikes!

    Hey maybe you can find a better existence in France with Walter and won’t have to be subjected to all the dirty lazy Mexicans here.

  34. Why would I want to move to France? I’m not French and I don’t speak the language.

    Oh wait, maybe I should march around Paris with giant USA flags and start demanding things.

    BTW I am Latino myself so I don’t have any problems with Mexicans. Just the kind of lazy people who dump mattresses and sofas on the sidewalks and let their kids run around tagging walls.

  35. “BTW I am Latino myself so I don’t have any problems with Mexicans. Just the kind of lazy people who dump mattresses and sofas on the sidewalks and let their kids run around tagging walls.”

    Yea Yea, we heard you say that you are a Latino yourself about half a dozen times now, whatever that is supposed to convince anyone of.

  36. Very simple,
    What kinda of bullshit are you still going on about? If you move to France, learn the language. Spanish has been spoken in Los Angeles since before English, get used to it. Get over it. No reason why we can’t have more than one.

    And just cuz yer Latino doesn’t make your anti-Latino comments any more acceptable.

  37. They are not anti-Latino comments. They are anti-lazy, anti-blame all our problems on the “Whites” comments

  38. don quixote: “. . .Yea Yea, we heard you say that you are a Latino yourself about half a dozen times now, whatever that is supposed to convince anyone of.”

    Apparently it didn’t register the first time, or you would not have suggested I move to France due to European heritage

  39. Jose Cuervo: “And about the flag issue what about the Italians, Greeks, Japanese, Koreans ect… they all have their home countries flag in front of their restaurant, stores… ect and their signs are not in English too. At least they show more respect to their home country’s flag than Americans do to the US’s flag.’

    I don’t recall seeing any Italian, Greek, Japanese, Korean etc. flags at any of the last couple of immigration rallies in LA. However I did see plenty of huge Mexican flags waving around.

  40. Very Simple, nobody here has ever blamed “all” problems Latinos are facing on whites. Nobody here has even entirely blamed one particular problem on whites. People are just pointing out issues where Latinos are commonly blamed, yet white people aren’t, even though white people are part to blame, too. It seems your agenda here is to blame Latinos, for basically everything, and to absolve whites of any fault. Then you seem to think you can sugar coat it by starting all of your posts off with a disclaimer declaring you’re Latino. First off, it’s moot, because there’s no way for you to prove it. Everyone here could be Japanese, for all you know. I haven’t seen anyone’s pictures. It’s cyberspace. So your “I’m Latino” disclaimer goes nowhere. You’re going to be judged by your statements, not by your self description. So if you sound like a no nothing, right wing, white xenophobe, that’s pretty much what you’re going to be viewed as. It’s ….very simple.

  41. LOL. I meant “known nothing”, as opposed to “no nothing”. That wasn’t some hip texting abbreviation. That was an awful blunder.

  42. Very Simple,

    It goes like this: people in L.A., in every city, throw trash on the ground and leave stuff outside in the streets for others to deal with.

    In L.A., the local government INTENTIONALLY decided not to clean up the natural mess that occurs in any city in specific neighborhoods – because those areas tended to be filled with people who were not considered “WHITE” at the time.

    I wasn’t blaming trash on the government. You have chosen to ignore history (or perhaps you are ignorant of it?), and pulled an absurdity out of what I wrote.

  43. “So if you sound like a no nothing, right wing, white xenophobe, that’s pretty much what you’re going to be viewed as. It’s ….very simple.”

    Fine, but none of that is true and I really don’t have to convince you otherwise, so just go on making false assumptions if it makes you feel better and your counter-arguments stronger

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