Sunset at Chavez Ravine

In Antonio’s country, where there were many natural beauties, the sunsets were ordinary and predictable. Here in Los Angeles, nightfall was often a sweeping and multihued event, with a majesty that suggested the coming of the millennium, the end of a planetary journey.

Someone once told Antonio it was the pollution in the air that made the evening sky this way. Like everything else in Los Angeles, even the beautiful sunsets were man-made.

From The Tattooed Soldier by Hector Tobar

(Same photo, different words.)

Latino Punk Fest 2008

Los Angeles, you are in luck! If you haven’t been able to make it to Chicago for the past two Latino Punk Festivals, this time around you’ll only have to figure out how to get to Montebello cuz it’s taking place here! I don’t have much else to say about this event because I haven’t been to the previous ones but I’m quite sure it’s the largest festival of Latino Punk bands in the US. (Err, maybe it’s the only one?) It’s also appropriate that the Fest take place in LA, easily the city with the biggest Latino Punk scene, not that anyone outside of the Eastside would notice. For more info about the event, check out their FAQ where they have helpful info like this great tip:

4. I get out of work late, what can I do?

–If you can afford it, call in sick or take the day off! How many fest like this one will you have an opportunity to attend in your life time? A lot of the bands playing the fest are traveling from out of town so there will be all kinds of shit going on all day, each day, where you can hang out!

Ditch work, nice! You can check out the full 3 day schedule here, though I think most punks are gonna try and get into the Saturday show to see the reunion of Los Crudos, or cuz they just want to get a glimpse of a band that would name themselves “Cara De Mil Putazos“, certainly one of the best band names ever! Hopefully we’ll have some coverage of this event to report back, there’s some young and not-so-young punks here on the staff of LA Eastside!

Latino Punk Fest 3 October 23-25 (Thursday thru Saturday)
All happening at:
Terraza Jamay 104 S. 10th St. Montebello, CA 90640
Click here for google map.

Click to hear a preview of some of the bands.

Eastside 101: That Stupid Nut and Bolt Sign

It’s silly. Stupid. Juvenile. Crude. And maybe just a bit wrong, but I still get a kick when I catch a glimpse of this sign of a bolt chasing a screw nut (or are they both just running to help out at some new construction project?) from the 5 freeway, near the corner of Telegraph and La Verne, technically in City of Commerce. It’s been there for as long as I can remember, since back when I was an esquincle and much more of a mocoso. I bet you’ve all seen it.

Man, that’s such a dumb advertising sign. Thumbs Up!

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El Pan de Muerto

Pan de Muerto from El Pavo Bakery, $2.50

It’s that time of year, Pan de Muerto is now available at your local panaderia. Every panaderia seems to have different kinds, although the bone symbolism tends be the most prevalent. Sometimes you can find some with names of the departed – a few years ago I spotted a piece at the King Taco bakery in Lincoln Heights with the name “Bush” on it. A baker with sense of humor, nice!

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La Crisis: Your “eccentric” and “stylish” options.

I had written this serious post about crap you already know. Coupons, going back to school, roommates, moving back in with your parents and then I thought of something. We’re in La La Land.

Image is EVERYTHING!!!

This is why so many of us get in a hole in the first place, so I decided to give you advice on how to survive economic harsh times, yet keep your rep firmly in place. Being eccentric and bat-shit crazy always sounds better on paper than just poor.

If you are going down the economic ladder, do it with insane style!!!

One thing you can do is join a cult. Cults are always accepting new members. And many cults have a crash pad. When you have no money you isolate yourself from your friends and family anyway, so you’re ripe for a cult. Yeah you might have to do animal sacrifices, but if you aren’t a vegetarian this won’t be a problem and also there are animal friendly cults that just sacrifice people, though those kinds of cults are Continue reading

A look back

With the Dodgers so close in the playoffs, Angelenos are anticipating for their beloved team to bring home another World Championship!

It was 1988 when the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Oakland Athletics four games to one. It was by far an exciting time in Dodger history, but that was well over twenty years ago it’s time for for another well deserved victory!


I got to thinking what ever happened to the old Dodger Championship Mural that was located next door to The Original Texas BBQ KIng on N Cesar Chavez and Figueroa. I remember always looking and seeing the old faded mural when ever I passed by. Artist Peter Quezada painted the mural in 1988 shortly after the Dodger victory.

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Los Poets Del Norte

   ~ Nico ~

Los Poets Del Norte is a musical group born, raised and based in Boyle Heights, just like its two founding members, Nico and Xavier Moreno.

Immigration, poverty, gentrification and everyday life are just some of the topics Nico and Moreno incorporate into their poetry.

“We’re serious about the issues that we talk about because it’s our reality,” said Nico.

Both Moreno and Nico have their own personal war stories about what it was like growing up with gang violence in their neighborhood.

Getting hit up by different neighborhood gangs on his way to school or seeing drug paraphernalia on the streets was a daily part of life said Moreno, “I got to see that and it showed me that’s the direction I can go if I abuse it.

“I saw my friends that go through that and fall in that trap, losing friends and being shot at affected me.”

By retelling the stories inside of them, both Moreno and Nico are also giving an oral history of the community they grew up in.

They don’t want others to make some of the same mistakes they made in their youth.

“Growing up you experience all that stuff, you become surrounded by your environment and in turn you become your environment.

“We’re at a point in our lives where we have become reflective of that.

“We’ve become observant of that and survivors because getting shot at and burying your friends is not something everyone goes through.

“Growing up in a community like ours, most of our friends did experience that,” said Nico.

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Surviving La Crisis: Survival Tips from La Tia Concha
Queubo Mijos! Long time, No Stabby!
I’ve been away in the Pínta (where those fools didn’t let me Blog!) but now I’m back, only to find all of this Economic Desmadre! I know a lot of us may be going through some Hard Times right now, so I’m going to give out some free advice on not only how to SURVIVE this Crisis, but hopefully to keep you all out of any Fiscal Pedo in the future.
The way I see it, when you’re down & out, there are 4 stages you can be at:
1.    Jodido
2.    Bien Jodido
3.    ‘Pa la Fregada
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La Crisis: Can you smell it?

I’m not going to tell you there is a big fire in the Valley. It’s practically all there is on the news, and of course most peeps can smell it or feel the effects from the bad air quality.

They cancelled classes after 2 pm on Monday and I was very eager to leave. Got back to LA by 3:30 and still felt kinda like crap.

Today I stayed in LA and was hoping I’d feel better, maybe its all in my head. Looking at the Air Quality Index, I realized just how bad the air we breathe is. News to me.

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